The Album

Evobeats album was created based on my experience and how everyday situation
can be really inspiring. Life is full of enigma and I do hope that I can help
solve one of the biggest mystery of all in music loops by providing high quality
music loops. If you like my music, support my music and use it on your production
and kind enough pass around to say where you got them from 🙂

I truly appreciate your visits. I do hope that you get to like these musics as
much as I did when I was making them. Each Album has its own thematic feeling
to what you can do. Please feel free to browse them below here:

Volume 1. Reinventing Sunrays

This album is a PILOT project to what I called as a rebirth of my own soul.
Just like the Sunrays you need to find what you really like in life and start making
impact in other people’s life. I saw how people did an amazing video presentation and
I am inspired to return to the music industry by providing Royalty Free Background Music,
One License Fits All Project. Less Headaches, More Results

Click Here To Hear The Music Of Reinventing Sunrays

Volume 2. Hypnotic Victory

I feel that the universe inline with me, I was starting to see that I found a new
fulfillment. The kinda thing that you got when you just Finished Exam, or Get A Raise.
This time the ecstatic feeling seems just buzzing around me that I can’t wait to create
my second album. I don’t try to limit my creativity and in fact I can’t say that I should
stop here… it is such a Hypnotic Victory the kinda thing that makes you want to go
forward and be bold with what you love

Click Here To Hear The Music Of  Hypnotic Victory

Volume 3. Attitude Vs Personality

There is a new trend in the air. Whether you like it or not. The world is not revolving
around the fact that is gonna end like what the some “WISE” says in spite of what’s gonna
happen I am determined that my Attitude will overcome the Personality that I am having
I know am born to make difference the come back of DJ SUTO is not a DJ in the house but
a DJ In the heart of people who celebrates life

Click Here To Hear Attitude Vs Personality

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