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royalty free background music and audio loops.

Stop Wasting Hours of Your Time

Searching for the right background music can waste hours of your time. Not to mention that you only find a poor quality music that is outdated and not really cut for high quality production. With the right toolkit in hand, you'll be able to pump out videos without a regards for any sort of licensing fees or hazards arising down the road.

Exclusive Music Background & Audio Loops a fresh alternative to your typical “production music library.” We crafted and handpick the best sounds in our library to ensure only high quality outputs.

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Evobeats Vol.3 is Coming this week

It’s been a while from the last album I created and I realized that I had to push and move forward in spite all circumstances. These times is not just about personality is also about Attitude. That’s what the third album called “Attitude Vs Personality” Hear the Preview to the album at soundcloud, let me…

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Hypnotic Victory – EvoBeats Second Album Vol.2 Released

The all new production of EvoBeats Volume II will include 10 hot tracks with duration of each music track between 3 minutes. listen here

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Reinventing Sunrays Evobeats Vol. 1

Reinventing Sunrays Evobeats Vol.1

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