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 Thursday, July 18th 2013 at 11.00 AM EST
Evobeats Vol.4 Nu’ Determination

EvobeatsVol4_CDCase_WebClick On The CD Album Above To Hear The Music

We’re Doing our fourth launch and we are coming back with HOT tracks that
surely is going to bring better conversion for your sales when you do a multimedia production


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Subject line:

* Make 100% Profit in Producing Video For Your Client Without Paying ** Stop Paying MUSIC Royalties Today.
*** Charge Your Client For PRO Production with Low Cost Startup
****Problem Solved! No More Paying Royalties!

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Save Thousands Today. Yes, I meant it.
If you are doing any kind of production that
involves paying for the music. You should
pay real attention.

Not a long ago people have to pay for great
quality produced music by professional that
cost arms and legs. We are talking U$500 per
music track if you are getting it produced professionally

Here is what I Meant:

Now how about if you can save thousands.
As there is a GREAT Solution that would gives
you a total advantage over your competition today.

Paying U$500 for one music track is not worth it
you would better use the same amount of money to
buy some traffic. So why bother?

This DJ has released previously 3 amazing albums
in the past. It was instant best seller. The fourth
album has just been released you should check it out
and secured your copy while at its low here

Thank me later,


Email 2.

Can You Live Without Music ?

I Don’t Think You Can… Music
is Powerful…

It’s one of the UNIVERSAL
Languages that reaches to the
human soul

Have you ever done a silent

(just notes, without any multimedia)

That PAUSED Awkward Moment…


You feel that you want to fast forward
that moment to the end.

You wished that you would just have
the right music to help you make things

It is an irony to have a life without music,
the SAME way with Your Presentation..

you can’t just have that silence moment…

you’ve got to create the IMPRESSION
and MOVE your audience!

We are back and this time we bring to
you the LONG PLAY music production!

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These are 10 Brand New Music Tracks
with each track duration range around
3 minutes.

Talking about the production, DJ SUTO
told me that he was really pumped up
with our RAVE Reviews and see how
people appreciate his music.

That is a BIG MOTIVATION Booster for
him to produce even BIGGER, WILDER
and taking live instruments to help create
the (Real Guitarist is involved in this project).

I was really shocked to hear the cost of
production and how much he invested
on the equipment to really make this a
GREAT Production that you can enjoy.

And I was even more shocked on the way
he said he wants this to be really affordable
without devaluing the Actual value…

Drum Roll Please……

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Go Get Em Now Before You Bore Your
Audience With A Silent Video Presentation!

Yours Truly.

[Marketers Name]


Check out these very cool music tracks:
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You get:
* 40 brand-new professional music tracks (incl. loops & Full music)
* Royalty-free license
* Save Thousands of Dollar in Paying For Music
* Charge Your Client U$500 for each production and gain full profit
without paying any royalties

You can use them to spice up your video
presentation or sell your Multimedia / Video Production
to your clients for extra profits. No Worries About Paying
Any Royalty For The Music.

Or just listen to the music, they’re that good 🙂

Here is the link again:
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Your name

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned Internet marketer,
you definitely need this.

It’s the latest edition of ‘Evo Beats’ which comprises
of 40 music tracks you can use for your presentations,
video tutorials, intros and more. Try to use this loops
for your mobile ring tones too.

Best of all, you are paying NO ROYALTY rights to all this:

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I have secured my copy and will be using it as background
music for my video tutorials and on my iphone

Get your copy right now:

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Enjoy The Beats,

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