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you are losing business and sales if you don’t use music in your business today.

Evobeats Audio Bundle

We understand the needs of having the right background music and audio loops can truly affects your business and your productivity also it gives higher perception regarding your brand. Therefore we are bundling these great audio tracks that will help you to easily use these for any kind of production such as Movie Production, Games and even Business Presentation. Here are some amazing benefits you will receive from this bundle:

  • Music Background & Audio Loops Licensing Made Easy

  • Fresh Sounds and Various Genre Are Available

  • Perfect Fit For Any Production

  • Unlimited Use For Your Projects or Upgrade for Client Projects

  • Include Commercial License

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or U$99 Per Year

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Avoid Legal Lawsuits

Music licensing made easy

Using commercial music in your production is a big confusion. If you were to employ this in your video / audio production you would need the right licensing for each different of publication channels. We are here to put stop in your headache in looking for the right background music and help you to create amazing production with high quality production without worrying about legal lawsuits. One case of unauthorized use of music can get you sued up to U$30,000 per track.

Latest Music Research Findings

show how much music is valued by customers, staff and business owners across various industry sectors.


58% of employees said they were more productive when good music was played at work.

Fitness Industry

60% of gym users would be more loyal to a gym that played music 1


60% of customers who like music-in-store agree they would spend more time in a shop if they hear music they like

Hotels Industry

61% of regular hotel guests are more likely to consume more food and drink when they hear music they like in a hotel 1


86% of office & factory business owners/managers agree employees are happier when music is played


65% of businesses say that music in the workplace makes employees more productive

Bars & Pubs Industry

73% of the 41 bars, pubs and clubs surveyed agree that playing music increases sales

What Can This Audio Package Be Used For...

Videos of ALL kinds
Television Commercials
Mobile Apps
Video Games
Physical Products
Audio For Rolling Credits

Radio Broadcasting
Audio or Video Postcards
Hold Music
Logo Stingers
Radio Advertisements
Audio Background Tracks
Video Testimonials
Audio Books

Business Presentations
Promotional Videos
Teaser Videos
Powerpoint Presentations
PDF Documents
And So Much More!

Recent Releases

Evobeats Vol.1 Reinventing Sunrays

Let's Get The Fact Straight...

Not all Musics are created equal...

As a matter of facts, the SHOCKING part that
Most "Royalty-Free" Music Is Not Truly Royalty-Free.
Far too many marketers out there are utilizing some of the biggest advertising networks in their primary marketing efforts. Networks like YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

The problem is that many of these networks have very strict guidelines regarding the music you can use in your projects.

What this means is that if you happen to use improperly licensed background music in your video or project, you run a major risk of having your video taken down, muted, or even having your account deleted. Furthermore, you can even get into massive legal trouble just from violating copyright laws.


So... the solution? Royalty-free background audio. But there's still another issue at hand.

Well.. truly royalty-free background music is often times quite expensive, just for a very limited usage license. We're talking anywhere from $5 up to $50 (or more) per song.

At the same time, you also need to be very wary of the licensing agreement that comes with the purchase of stock audio from anywhere nowadays. Very frequently, the creator or composer of the music might still have to get paid or at the very least, credited for their work.

Trust me, the entire process can be really confusing and painful.

What I'm Getting At Is, If You are one of the following:

  • Own a YouTube account with a large following, with engaged fans, traffic pulling videos, and a lot of views...
  • Use YouTube to share content that establishes authority in your niche or marketing campaign(s)...
  • Rely on YouTube for traffic generation purposes to your own site, business, or affiliates pages...

...Then there is a STRICT RULES that you must comply

Your Videos Could Be Taken Down Without Notice.
This Could Lose You Fans, Prospects, Leads, And Clients.
Ultimately, You Lose Traffic, And Most Importantly...
You Lose MONEY.

Is it worth risking your business even for U$100?

Let's say that you do decide to venture out and try to buy royalty-free music to use in your project. Maybe you're in a hurry or maybe you're feeling ambitious

Once you find the track you're happy with, which can take FOREVER, you still have to account for the price you're going to pay just to buy the song and use it in your project.

Take a wild guess what you could be paying?

$10 per song, $25 per song, $50 per song, even $500+ for a bunch of songs

It's actually pretty crazy to see the prices, especially as a marketer myself. It really narrows down the potential for creativity. Furthermore, if your work revolves around using plenty of royalty-free music, it can really add up quickly.

It can very easily cost you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars just to own a measly handful of quality royalty-free songs. But wait... you still have to account for the fine print on the license you received when you paid an arm and a leg for each song.

Between the headache that is searching for high quality stock audio that has a flexible licensing agreement...

The myriad of consequences you could face for simply ignoring the usage of royalty-free music in your projects...

And the quite bluntly put, boring aspect, of just using nothing as background music at all...

It can honestly seem like there isn't a cost-effective yet safe to use solution.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Have you ever used music without the proper licensing for your own production or your client projects?
In regards to the music you used in your very last video or product, did you have the license agreement on file ?
Ever wondered if there is a high quality audio package with clear licensing that is easy to use?

The One & Only Royalty Free Audio Membership

Evobeats Legacy Membership

One low yearly fee for just a fraction of the original price,
where you will get the best collection of music backgrounds
and audio loops that is ready for your production


High Quality Stocks

Tons of Stocks from various genre ready for downloads. All Audios are in format of 44.100hz, MP3 / OGG formats with Commercial License

Takedown Safe

Get a peace of mind when you share your production on popular video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Avoid Lawsuits

Have a peace of mind using the right music tracks with clear licensing terms. Avoid Legal Lawsuits using any music in your production without the consent of copyright owner or the music publisher.

Royalty Free License

Stop paying royalty for every production. Ensure you will get maximum return on your digital production without paying a high amount fees.

Fresh Sounds

Our library of audio collection gets updated regularly with fresh sound and constantly evolve with what's updated on the current trend

Purposed for Conversion

If you are crafting Video Sales Letter (VSL) or doing Sales Presentation. the right music background will help you to switch your audience mood and turn them into avid buyers.

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